Main menu
The Main menu bar lies under the title bar. Clicking any word on this bar opens a drop-down menu of further options. You can also open the menus from the keyboard by pressing and holding down the Alt key followed by the letter underlined in the menu name, e.g. Alt+O opens the Format menu. Case is not important.
These hyperlinks will take you to the main functions of each menu:
File menu (Alt+F)
Creating a new file
Opening and reopening a file
Backup and saving
Importing and exporting files
Tray icon
Edit menu (Alt+E)
Undo and Redo
Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete
Copy special and Paste special
Copying and pasting hyperlinks
Article statistics
Search menu (Alt+S)
Searching and replacing
View menu (Alt+V)
Customizing TreePad
Miscellaneous options
Insert menu (Alt+I)
Insert menu
Format menu (Alt+O)
Formatting articles
Tools menu (Alt+L)
Automatic paste
Spelling checker
HTML menu (Alt+H)
(Feature unique to TreePad Business Edition)
Exporting an article as a file
HTML menu subtree export
Inserting inline HTML code
Icons menu (Alt+C)
This menu is available only when the Icons pane is visible.
The Icons menu
Bookmarks menu (Alt+B)
This menu is available only when the Icons pane is visible.
The Bookmarks menu
Note: When enabled, either the Icons menu or the Bookmarks menu can be displayed, but not both simultaneously.
Table menu (Alt+A)
Tree menu (Alt+T)
The Tree pane
Navigate menu (Alt+N)
Navigating the tree
Activating (following) hyperlinks
Help menu (Alt+H)
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