Using the Insert⁄edit hyperlink window
(This article applies only to underlined hyperlinks. To modify plain text hyperlinks, see Editing hyperlinks directly.)
An underlined hyperlink to an internal TreePad node is neither absolute  nor relative, but is determined by the ID of its target node, which stays constant no matter where the node is moved. Thus, even if the target node is moved elsewhere in the tree, an underlined hyperlink to that node will remain valid. This is one of the most powerful features of TreePad.
To modify an existing underlined hyperlink
Position the article cursor anywhere on the hyperlink, then
The Insert⁄edit hyperlink toolbutton
Notice that this procedure is exactly the same as for creating underlined hyperlinks. The only difference is that the dialog window now has the title Hyperlink properties.
Modifying a hyperlink
There are two things you can change in a hyperlink: the link text (the link name, i.e. the wording of the link as it appears on the Article pane), and the link target (node, file, etc.) to which the link points.
Changing the link text
Changing the link target
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