Hyperlink features
How hyperlinks work in TreePad PLUS
Most likely the concept of using hyperlinks should present no difficulty as you have probably clicked many a hyperlink on a Web page if you have ever used the Internet. The basic principle is this. In TreePad an underlined hyperlink1 is a string of blue underlined text containing hidden code, including the address of a target, such as another node in the current file, an external file, a Web site, etc. When you single-click or double-click on this (according to your Options settings: double-click is the default), it directs TreePad to take you to that destination. If the target is another node in the same file, the current article changes.
Unlike an HTML website, wherever you move a node around the tree within a TreePad file, a hyperlink to it remains valid, since that depends not on the node's location (as in HTML) but on its ID. This is a great advantage as it helps you reorganize your tree any time without having to worry about updating existing hyperlinks.
Should you be using hyperlinks?
Not necessarily. TreePad offers so much just as a straight tree outliner that you may never require hyperlinks. Even if you do know how to create them, you may decide they are unnecessary for small files where a simple tree will suffice. Hyperlinks only offer you the ability to jump quickly to where you know you want to go, not to help you find items not linked by jumps. For that you require Tree search.
Indications for using hyperlinks
Consider using hyperlinks if you wish to:
Other features of hyperlinks
When exporting your article or TreePad tree or subtree in HTML format, the hyperlinks you create are automatically converted into HTML hyperlinks.
You can use the DraftPad (option unique to TreePad™ Business Edition) to create a small pane of your own hyperlinks that can remain visible all the time for quick reference.
Let's now try creating some hyperlinks.

  1. TreePad PLUS will also allow you to create plain text hyperlinks as used by TreePad LITE, and to convert those to blue underlined hyperlinks, but who needs to wrestle with all that exposed code when underlined hyperlinks hide it?
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