Formatting articles
Overview of formatting
Article formats
         Some definitions first
         Plain text format
         Rich text format (RTF)
         HTML format
         Inserting inline HTML code
Article text format commands
Font and highlight color
Background color
Direct HTML editing
Color marker
Article formatting hints and tips
Superscripts and subscripts
         Footnote hyperlink example
Paragraph formatting
         Aligning and justifying paragraphs
         Indenting lines and paragraphs
                  Using tabs to indent text
                  Auto Indent
                  Increase⁄Decrease indentation
         Bulleting and numbering paragraphs
                  Undoing bulleting and numbering
         Paragraph formatting window
         Exporting formatting*
Article ruler and tabs and line numbers
         The article ruler
         Indent markers
         Ruler tabs
Reversing, removing and converting formatting
Copying formatting
Copy special and Paste special
Case conversion
Trimming unwanted characters
Text dividers
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