Moving multiple nodes
As we saw earlier, moving a node that is the root of a subtree automatically moves its child nodes too.
TreePad provides two ways of shifting multiple nodes up or down the tree hierarchy. Move next siblings right turns all siblings below the selected node into children of it, i.e. demotes them one level in the hierarchy, while Move all children left has the opposite action, turning all a node's child nodes into siblings. These powerful commands will serve you well when reconstructing your tree and are described with examples in Moving a group of nodes.
Keep in mind that all commands for moving multiple nodes require them to be contiguous, i.e., adjacent to each other on the same subtree. Although as you will discover later you can identify particular nodes by placing checkmarks in their checkbox icons, this cannot currently be used to move scattered nodes en masse.
This concludes the section on moving nodes. Last, let's see what we can do to make nodes distinctive.
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