Aligning and justifying paragraphs
Highlight the word, sentence or block, then click the appropriate align or justify icon to position it. Examples:
Press Ctrl+L or click the Left icon
to align the left margin of each line
with the left margin like this.
Press Ctrl+E (for cEnter) or click the Center icon
to center the text between left and right
margins like this.
Press Ctrl+R or click the Right icon
to align the right margin of each line
with the right margin like this.
Press Ctrl+J or click the Justify icon to align both Left and Right margins of each line like this.  The number of spaces between words will be seen to vary in order to keep the left and right margins aligned. Note that "hard" carriage returns at the end of any lines must be removed before this will work. (For an explanation of hard carriage returns, see Article display options. )
You will also find paragraph alignment functions in the Paragraph formatting window.

  1. When you copy and paste text, TreePad also copies and pastes its formatting.
  2. You can use this method to position images too. See Positioning images.
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