Basic text editing
Navigating the article
You may already be familiar with functions of the standard cursor keys for finding your way around articles, particularly if they extend over more than a single screen. These commands are similar to those used by many word processors, particularly Microsoft Word, and are described in detail here.
Highlighting text
Wherever in the TreePad window you happen to be working is where the focus is; for example if you are in the Tree pane, the focus is on the currently selected node, which is highlighted.
Selecting an item in any pane highlights it to let you know it has been selected. In this manual we refer to active and passive highlighting, meaning that an item which has been selected is actively highlighted if the focus also happens to be in the same pane as it, otherwise it is passively highlighted. In this way you can see which pane is currently active. Active and passive highlighting are explained in detail in Highlighting text, along with several keyboard shortcuts for quickly highlighting just the area you want. (You may find clicking just inside the left margin of the Article pane to highlight the whole line a very convenient shortcut.)
Insert and overtype modes
Just as in other word processors, whether you insert text or overwrite existing text depends on whether you are in Insert or Overtype mode, as displayed on the Status bar at the bottom of TreePad's main window. See Insert and overtype modes.
Replacing text
When you need to replace text, simply highlight the part to be replaced, then immediately type the replacement text without needing to press Delete. See Replacing text.
Deleting text
Press the Delete key to delete a selected block of text, or use the Delete or Backspace keys to delete one character at a time. See Deleting text.
Undo and Redo
Pressing Ctrl+Z immediately you change your mind or realize you made an error will undo most article edits including formatting changes, so should always be tried before other methods. Press Ctrl+Y to redo the changes.  TreePad remembers all your edits from the moment you selected the current node (enabling you to press Ctrl+Z successively to backtrack through your edits), but forgets them all as soon as you change to another node. See Undo and Redo.
It's time to learn how to copy and move text.
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