Sorting text
These useful commands help you to rearrange text quickly within an article. A paragraph includes all text from the beginning of the first line until you press Enter to commence a new line. (Another way of saying this is that a paragraph ends with a (hard) carriage return (=newline character), which you can make visible by displaying the formatting. Pressing the Enter key inserts a hard carriage return.)
Manual sorting
To move a paragraph up or down, first position the cursor anywhere in the paragraph (even in the whitespace to either side of any line in it). Then:
To move the paragraph up
Click Main menu ⁄ Edit ⁄ Move ⁄ Paragraph up; or
Click Article context menu ⁄ Move ⁄ Paragraph up; or
Press Shift+Alt+Up.
To move the paragraph down
Click Main menu ⁄ Edit ⁄ Move ⁄ Paragraph down; or
Click Article context menu ⁄ Move ⁄ Paragraph down; or
Press Shift+Alt+Down.
Automatic sorting (sort selected block)
(TreePad Business Edition only)
First highlight the block of lines or paragraphs to be sorted, then select
Main menu ⁄ Edit ⁄ Sort ⁄ Ascending for an ascending sort (A-Z); or
Main menu ⁄ Edit ⁄ Sort ⁄ Descending for a descending sort (Z-A).

Handy hints:
  1. Use these commands to quickly rearrange and thus sort line items on a list. For example, keep a list of hyperlinks manually sorted in alphabetical order.
  2. In automatic sorting blank lines are treated as lines, so will be moved to the top or bottom of the sorted block according to the sort order. You may have to reinsert blank lines to separate paragraphs after sorting.
  3. To force paragraphs to remain in a particular order after sorting, you can use numbered prefixes of some kind.
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