Importing files into an article
TreePad allows the importation of image files (JPG, PNG, BMP, EMF, GIF, ICO, etc.) and document files (such as plain text, rich text or HTML files) into the article at the cursor position.
When importing HTML files, please note that hyperlinks are faithfully imported as underlined hyperlinks while images need to be inserted separately through copy⁄paste or menu⁄insert⁄image(s) from file(s).
To insert the contents of a file into the current article
Position the cursor in the article where insertion is required, then
The image insert function allows selection of multiple images to be inserted in one go.

  1. Most word processors and browsers will allow you to drag a block of highlighted text  directly across to your article, where it will be inserted at the current cursor position. See Drag-and-drop support.
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