Insert week-agenda into the article
(Option unique to TreePad Business Edition)
To insert a week agenda into the article, select the second tab of the 'Insert Agenda, Calendar or Todo-list into the Article' dialog, as shown below.
The field 'Start date' selects the week and also the start day of the week (e.g. monday or sunday), while 'number of days in week' sets the length of the week. The field 'first hour' specifies the start hour of each day in the week-agenda, while the field 'last hour' allows you to select the last hour. The field 'resolution' specifies the number of hours each line in the agenda will represent. E.g. when you specify "2 hours" in the 'resolution' field, each line in the agenda represents two hours.
The image below shows an article week agenda as generated by this dialog.
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