Wildcard searches
Asterisks (*) may be used as wildcard1 characters in the Article search, Article search and replace and the Regular Expressions tree search functions.
The asterisk stands for any number of characters (0, 1 or more), in the position where this wild card character has been entered.
E.g., the seach string a*d will find badger, around and bandstand (both occurrences).

  1. The term "wild card" originates from the card game of poker, where a card such as the Joker may by agreement represent any other card in the pack.
  2. A wildcard can occur only once in an article-search string.
  3. If you are not an experienced user, please use this feature with prudence in replace operations, lest you inadvertently replace far beyond what you may have intended to. At any rate, we suggest that 'prompt on replace' be on, since hyperlinks and other hidden text attributes are included in Search and in Replace operations.
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