Article search only
To access the article Search tab

Next to the Search for text: field are three buttons in a row:
These are, from left to right, Paste (Ctrl+V), Copy (Ctrl+C) and Clear. (Resting the mouse cursor on each for a second will display its title as a tooltip.) Below them are the Find first and Find next buttons.
To search for text within an article
1.  Enter the text to be searched for in the 'Text to find' field
2.  Specify search options if needed by clicking the button Show options (see also Article search and replace options);
3.  To find the first instance of a search string, click the Find First button. The first text matching this string will be highlighted in the article;
4.  To find the next instance of this search string:
  1. Click the Find Next button in the Article search window; or
  2. Click Article context menu ⁄ Find next; or
  3. Press F3.
Article search supports wildcard searches.
To extend the search to all articles in the tree
Click the Search tree button. This will close the Article search window, open the Tree search window and automatically replace any existing Tree search string with the Article search string.
Transferring Tree search to Article search
Having entered a search string in the Search for text: field in the Tree search window, clicking its Search article button will close the Tree search window, open the Article search window with the Search tab selected and automatically copy the search string to the Search for text: field in this window. Clicking Find first will instruct TreePad to search the current article for this string.

  1. To select a previous search string, click the small down arrow to the right of the Search for text: field will cause a drop-down list to appear, from which you can make a selection.
  2. Article search will also stop at any hidden characters that match the search string, including node IDs contained in hyperlinks. See Searching and replacing hints and tips for an example of how to find all articles containing hyperlinks that point to a specific node.
  3. You can change the font used in the search string window in the TreePad options screen (menu⁄view⁄options)
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