Automatic pasting to the same article
To paste everything into the same article in TreePad, select it  and click the location where you want the text to be pasted.
If you click Main menu ⁄ Tools ⁄ Automatic paste ⁄ Plain text, all text is pasted as plain text (text formatting is removed, and no images are pasted).

If you click Main menu ⁄ Tools ⁄ Automatic paste ⁄ Text, formatting and images, text is pasted including formatting, images are pasted if they are copied separately to the Windows Clipboard.
Each time you automatically paste text, it is added after the previously pasted block, two blank lines are added as a separator, and the article cursor is moved to the end of them in readiness for the next automatic paste.
Since pasting, conventional or automatic, takes place wherever the article cursor happens to be, you can change where you would like TreePad to paste by moving the cursor to another location in the article. This can be handy if you want to group certain text snippets together.  In fact, you can even shift automatic paste to another article entirely by selecting it in the Tree pane without having to disable automatic paste first. (Having done this, you must remember to click in the article pane before continuing automatic paste, otherwise pasting will create a new node each time. See Automatic pasting to multiple articles.)
Note: You cannot use Automatic paste to copy⁄move text from one article to another article in the same TreePad file, but you can use it to copy⁄move text from an article in one open instance of TreePad across to an article in another TreePad file, open in a concurrent instance of TreePad. See Automatic Paste hints and tips.
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