Key tables
These tables will show which keys and key combinations are active in TreePad.
For example, a table cell containing both Tr and Ar means that the same key (or key combination) is mentioned in two different articles and may have different actions depending on whether the Tree pane or the Article pane has the focus. Clicking either hyperlink takes you to a full explanation.
You may find this useful to search for a particular key.If you are using a keyboard macro program which can reassign keys to make typing more convenient, these tables will also show which key combinations have not been allocated, allowing you to choose one and customize it.
Abbreviations used and meaning:
Tr    Tree shortcuts
Ar   Article shortcuts
Mi   Miscellaneous shortcuts
Mn  Main menu
W   Windows shortcuts
Sh  =  Shift
S+C+A+  =  Shift+Ctrl+Alt+
Win  = Windows key
Function keys
Alphabet keys
Number and punctuation keys
Numeric keypad
Other keys
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