Registering TreePad
This program will run unregistered for 21 days. When unregistered, the text "This version of TreePad [version name] is not registered will be added to any printed and HTML-exported output. When registered, the program will run without any limitations.
When you run an unregistered version of TreePad, a window will appear displaying the number of days left in your trial and giving you the opportunity to:
If you are using an unregistered version, you will notice that in the Main menu ⁄ Help submenu there are two items:
Register: TreePad [your version];
Enter your registration information.
These will lead you to the opening screens described above.
When you have registered, you will notice that these items in Main menu ⁄ Help submenu have been replaced by Registration information. Selecting this item will display your registration information. Note the presence of a Copy button to enable you to copy this information to the Windows Clipboard, from which you can paste it into a secure file.
This is the registration Web page, where you can register your TreePad version:⁄register

  1. If you wish to register your trial copy of TreePad after it has expired, click Continue on the start-up splash screen that is displayed when you run the expired program and you will be taken to a screen enabling you to paste your registration information into the window provided.
  2. Pressing Ctrl+V to paste in this information will not work. You need to click the Paste button on this screen.
  3. Pasting your registration information in will by default generate a registration keyfile in the installation directory. However, you must also save the registration information you pasted in, within a text file or the original e-mail, as you will require this to re-register TreePad should you uninstall and reinstall the program. Keep the file in a safe place and preferably print it out as well.
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