Meta tags
Meta tags are invisible HTML elements providing information about your Website to search engines, such as Google. These invisible HTML elements can affect how Web search engines will index your site. This, in turn, influences your site's position in search results as a response to certain search phrases.
Please note that meta tags are not the only factors which can influence how your site is indexed. Equally important are: the visible content (text) of the pages of your site, the type and quality of the Websites linking to you, and the links pointing from your site to other sites.
TreePad can automatically add the following meta tags to (the index.html page of) the generated Website:
The "description" meta tag
A description of your site, 250 characters maximum length. If left blank, this tag will not be included in the generated Website.
The "keywords" meta tag
This tag contains any keywords relevant to your site, up to 800 characters. If this field is left blank, this tag will not be included in the exported Website. Please enter one keyword or key-phrase per line. Keywords should be lowercase, and can include phrases such as "free downloads" (excluding double quotes).
The "title" tag
The title of your site. If you enable the option 'Title of selected node' the title of the selected tree node will be included as title meta tag. If you enable the option 'Custom', the title meta tag will be the text that you specify in the text field directly below.
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