Links containing Windows commands
To insert a link ot this type into the article, choose 'command' as link type in the insert hyperlink dialog (menu⁄insert⁄hyperlink). Then fill in the fields 'command' and 'parameters'. This type of link is very similar to a file hyperlink but gives you much more flexibility in the area of command-line parameters.You can even start and stop Windows NT⁄2000⁄XP services through the Windows NET command.
Example for Windows NT, 200 and XP:
This link below opens a DOS box with parameter '⁄?':
cmd ⁄?
On Windows 95, 98 and ME this link opens a DOS box with parameter '⁄?':
command ⁄?
On how to start and stop services with TreePad, please see:
Windows services: starting and stopping
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