Appearance 1
Page background color
This option specifies the background color for all exported pages. This color can be overridden by the option 'enable individual page backgrounds' (below), but only for those articles which have individual colors assigned to them through menu⁄format⁄article properties.
Page border color
The border-color of all exported pages.
Page border width
The border-width of all exported pages.
Enable individual page (article) backgrounds
When this option is active, exported pages will have the same background color as the corresponding articles in TreePad itself. (as set by using menu⁄format⁄article properties). If an article does not have a specific background color assigned to it, the value of 'Page background color' in this screen (see also above) will be used.
Page background image
Allows you to specify a background image of the all exported page-sheets.

1. All the options in this section are ignored when the page is not visible (see Page)
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