The Bookmarks menu
The Main menu ⁄ Bookmarks menu is available  only when the Bookmarks pane is visible.
Adding bookmarks
To add a bookmark, click on the node to be bookmarked, then:
Removing bookmarks
To remove one or more bookmarks, select the bookmark(s) to be removed (see Note #3 below), then:
Sorting and rearranging bookmarks

  1. The Insert and Delete keys have different effects depending on which pane has the focus when the keys are pressed. For example, in the Tree pane, pressing Insert inserts a new child node; in the Article pane it switches between Insert and Overtype modes. Note that the keyboard shortcuts do not appear in the Bookmarks menu unless the Bookmarks pane has the focus!
  2. You can select multiple bookmarks for removal by using Shift+Up Shift+Down cursor keys to highlight consecutive bookmarks, or by holding down the Ctrl key while clicking individual bookmarks to be deleted at the same time, in the same way that you would delete multiple files in Windows Explorer.
  3. If you need to bookmark many nodes in a file, you may find it easier to create a hierarchy of links to them. E.g., create a node named Hotlist containing the bulk of the links, then a single bookmark to Hotlist.  By doing this you can keep the size of the Bookmarks pane small, yet see all your bookmarks.
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