Upgrading from TreePad freeware
Users stepping up from TreePad Freeware will enjoy the many additional features offered by the TreePad PLUS family, including:
Rich text
Underlined  hyperlinks
Formatted nodes
Storing images in articles
Redo function
Node icons
Exporting a subtree to a Web site
See Feature chart for a table of the differences between TreePad Lite and members of the TreePad PLUS family of programs. Some of the more important differences are detailed below.
Differences between TreePad Lite v2.9.5 and TreePad PLUS
Function TreePad Lite
kbd shortcut
TreePad Plus
kbd shortcut
Copy ⁄ Node hyperlink address Shift+Ctrl+H Shift+Alt+K
Automatic paste Shift+Ctrl+V none
Paste Windows Clipboard contents in as plain text n⁄a Shift+Ctrl+V
Search only the article Ctrl+F Shift+F12
Search tree or article, whichever has the current focus n⁄a Ctrl+F
Article replace Ctrl+R Shift+Ctrl+R
Remove leading spaces Shift+Ctrl+1 Shift+Ctrl+Alt+1
Remove spaces and returns Shift+Ctrl+2 Shift+Ctrl+Alt+2
Convert to upper case Shift+Ctrl+U none
Convert to lower case Shift+Ctrl+L none
Insert horizontal line n⁄a Shift+Ctrl+L
Expand subtree (top level) Ctrl+A Shift+Ctrl+E
Expand subtree (all levels) Ctrl+C Shift+Ctrl+F
Copy node name to clipboard
Copy node name to clipboard none Ctrl+C
Collapse subtree (top level) Ctrl+B Shift+Ctrl+B
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