Resizing images using the 'Format image' dialog
When you insert an image from file, it will be stored in its original format and dimensions, without any conversion or information loss. However, an image is not always shown in its original size. For instance, when a large image (wider than 440 pixels or so) is inserted into TreePad's article, it is often displayed smaller compared to its stored original.
The 'Format image' dialog gives you precise control over how an image will be displayed. See the screenshot below.
You can access this dialog using Menu: Format⁄Image.
The 'Format image' dialog also allows one to:
While changing the dimensions inside the 'Format image' dialog, the ratio (between width and height) of the original image is preserved by default. However, if you clear the checkbox 'Preserve aspect ratio', you can change width and height independently. This effectively distorts the way the image is displayed.
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