Node icons FAQ and troubleshooter
Node icons revert to default
Q. All my customized node icons have suddenly reverted to the default (yellow folder) icon. What's happened?
A. This answer is useful only when you have stored your information in a TreePad 6.x .hjt or .htmhjt file: TreePad might not have been able to find the accompanying .tpz file (which contains images and icons) corresponding to the .hjt file, the icons will revert to the default icon. You may have forgotten to move the .tpz file when you moved the .hjt file.
Changing default node icon
Q. Can I change the default (yellow folder) icon to some other icon?
A. Yes, you can change ⁄ set the default icon for each subtree. Please see Changing the default node icon
Reinstalling default icons set
Q. I've messed up my icons pane. How can I start again with just the full default set of node icons?
A. Close TreePad, go to the directory where you installed TreePad and delete the file treepadlib.tpz. TreePad will automatically re-create this file from the backup file treepadlib.tpzu.
Hiding node icons
Q. Is there any way to suppress all node icons from being displayed?
A. Yes, by selecting Main menu ⁄ View ⁄ Options ⁄ Tree and unticking Show icons.
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