3 - Advanced and miscellaneous features
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As you will see throughout this manual, tables add to your ability to organize and display information in articles. They may be used to tabulate data in rows and columns (hence their name), enhance article layout particularly where text and images are juxtaposed, and create forms. Paragraph borders may be considered to be a type of table allowing text to be contained within boxes with or without color fills.
Agenda, calendar and todo-lists
TreePad offers various methods of creating agendas, calendars and todo-lists. You can create tree-based agendas and calendars, article-based agendas, calendars and to-do lists. Agendas and calendars can be split into days, weeks or months. You can also customize the number of days, hours, weeks or months in an agenda or calendar.
Forms and templates
As well as using free form articles, TreePad can compartmentalize data even further by storing it in fields within forms, where a TreePad form is equivalent to an article but less prone to accidental alteration. Forms may be blank or contain data, when they are termed records. TreePad templates (actually termed TreeBook templates), used to generate forms, may be stored either within the TreePad file using them, or externally. Internal template storage enables the template to travel with the file, allowing export of databases which can generate their own forms.
Article fields1
These are self-updating data fields which can be inserted anywhere in an article, i.e., do not require manual update by the user. The fields are automatically updated each time the article is refreshed, e.g., a date⁄time field, a node caption field or a page number field.
Node checkboxes
These can be displayed against individual nodes or the whole subtree, and may be checked⁄unchecked to give you a quick visual indication of task completion, etc. TreePad Business Edition users can also employ them to select only checked nodes to be searched, exported or printed.
Case conversion
You can convert any highlighted block of text to upper case, lower case, title case or sentence case using the appropriate Format menu commands.
Text cleaning
TreePad can help you strip various unwanted characters such as ">" inserted into e-mails, without resorting to an external text cleaning program.
Spelling checker1 and Thesaurus1
Use these tools to help you express yourself better and more accurately.
Character map
This facilitates selecting and inserting unusual characters as found in scientific text and foreign languages.
Asian language characters
If using TreePad with an Asian version of Windows, select these options to display Asian fonts.
Select which toolbars you want to appear via the Toolbar context menu (you can also use the options screen). Furthermore, you can drag any toolbar into the pane areas via its "handle" and dock it again.
Article viewing options
Use Zooming to increase or decrease article font size. Enable or disable Word wrap according to your preference. Display formatting symbols that are normally hidden, in order to help your text layout.
Presentation (full screen) mode1
Display just the article pane if you wish for classroom presentations. TreePad can create an excellent picture show for you without needing to resort to third party presentation software.
Stay on top
Keep TreePad on top of your other application windows using this feature.
Tray icon
Keep TreePad in the Windows System Tray out of the way of other programs if desired.
Recycle bin
The TreePad recycle bin contains images and icons which are no longer used in the currently opened TreePad database
Searching and replacing
TreePad has powerful inbuilt tree and article search capability, including wildcard and Boolean search features. An Article search-and-replace function is available2.
Skinning: changing TreePad's appearance
You can change TreePad's appearance by selecting various skins
TreePad can print all or selected nodes or subtrees and offers two print modes and page numbering.
Password file encryption1
Protect sensitive files by securely encrypting them using the Blowfish algorithm. See the section for full instructions and handy hints.
TreePad can automatically dial a telephone number for you using this feature.
Keep this Accessory pane visible while you change articles, to hold text snippets, hyperlinks to important nodes, telephone numbers and Web pages, lookup tables, etc. It can be as small or as large as you want. Images are not supported.
Startup and shutdown
When you start up TreePad, you can specify the startup file and node and insert some useful command-line switches. You can open more than one instance of TreePad concurrently, and give each instance its own TreePad activation key. On closing a file you can save the tree state to take you right back to where you left off when you reopen the file. You can open each hyperlinked TreePad file in a new instance of TreePad for ease of comparison and transfer. You can create a list of Favorite TreePad files that you frequently use, and switch quickly between files by pressing Ctrl+Alt+R to reopen the last file.
Backup and saving
As well as pressing Ctrl+S to manually save a file, you can utilize timed backups, numbered backups and extra safety backups to ensure your precious data is not lost.
File, disk and directory catalogs
TreePad can create a searchable database of all your removable disks (CD's, floppies, ZIP disks, etc.). Having such a database will simplify finding the right disk when you need a certain program or data file.
Multi-user database access
The TreePad suite of programs offers various methods of enabling multiple users access to a shared TreePad database.
Drag-and-drop support
Drag-and-drop is an easy, direct way to transfer nodes and data, which TreePad supports across and within panes, and between TreePad and compatible applications.
Date and time formats
Use the options provided to set your preferred format for date and time.
General hints and tips
Read this section as well as the Handy hints in the articles if you have a problem. The TreePad discussion group is a forum where you can also seek help.
We hope you enjoyed our user's guide to TreePad PLUS. We suggest you now browse the TREEPAD REFERENCE and use the INDEX and Tree search to help you find the information you need.

  1. Feature unique to TreePad Business Edition.
  2. A Tree search-and-replace function is currently under development.
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