You can magnify or reduce the size of article text and images from 10% to 1000% of the default size (100%). This is also termed zooming (in or out). Changes made apply indefinitely, even after TreePad is closed and reopened.
To zoom in (magnify text and image size)
To zoom out (reduce text and image size)
To reset default text and image size

  1. You will notice a window showing by default "100%" on the View toolbar. This is the Zoom article toolbutton. By clicking the down arrow to the right of this percentage, a drop-down list will appear offering you choices of magnification.
  2. You may find that when selecting magnifications in the vicinity of 100%, you will need to click twice for the font to change. This is because in this range, the magnification only changes by 5% so it may require two steps to change the actual font size. However, images will increase or diminish in size with each step.
  3. If you have more than one concurrent instance of TreePad, changes to magnification apply only to the current instance.
  4.          The tree pane is not affected, however you can vary the size of the default tree font. See Default tree and node format.
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