Tray icon
To minimize TreePad to the system tray
This means that:
To reverse this:
If you have more than one instance of TreePad running concurrently, each instance must be minimized separately and you will have one tray icon for each instance.
To display a range of Tray options
Tray icon options
Whether TreePad is active or minimized, you can choose to display its icon on either or both the Windows Taskbar or the System Tray. The Taskbar is the default for both conditions. This means that you can keep the program icon in the System Tray at all times, if you wish.
Tray activation options
You can choose whether to single-click or double-click the System Tray icon to activate TreePad.
System Tray menu
Right-clicking the System Tray icon will display a small menu offering the following choices:
Restore will redisplay the TreePad window at its previous size.
Maximize will redisplay the TreePad window maximized, irrespective of its previous size.
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