Viewing results when finished
Each of the Main menu ⁄ File ⁄ Export ⁄ Selected subtree options contains a check box enabling you to view the final output immediately without having to hunt for the directory to which you exported the subtree and then open the file(s).
Export choice Title of checkbox
Export to one file View result when finished
Export to multiple files View export directory when finished
Export to Web site Launch browser when finished
When exporting the subtree to one file, the application associated with that file extension will be the one that opens the exported file. E.g., if you are exporting it to an HTML file, it will be opened by your default browser. If it is exported to a TreePad file, it will be opened in a new instance of TreePad.
When exporting a subtree to multiple files, checking the box will display the output directory, allowing you to choose one or more files for viewing or editing.
The check boxes are unchecked by default in case your system resources happen to be so low that there is a risk that automatically running a further application (such as a viewer, editor or browser).
The checkbox setting is stored in the Windows Registry (or an ini file) so you will not have to remember to re-select⁄deselect it each time.
The checkbox settings for all export choices are independent of each other.
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