The main TreePad window
Title bar
Main menu
Toolbars (3 rows)

Tree pane

Article pane

Accessory pane
(Icons,Bookmarks, etc.
when visible)
  Article button bar
(To learn how to create diagrams like this, see Tables.)
Status bar
Starting at the top of the main TreePad window and working down, you will see the Title bar, the Main menu, one or more Toolbars, the Tree pane on the left and the The Article pane on the right. Between them is a vertical pane divider which can be dragged left or right to adjust the relative sizes of each pane. Below the Article pane is the Accessory pane. This is normally hidden but pops up to display additional functions (Accessories) when one of the buttons on the Article Button Bar is clicked.

The Article Button Bar is located by default below the Accessory pane. See also Article Button Bar.
The 'DraftPad' button inside the Article Button Bar is unique to TreePad Business Edition and TreePad X Enterprise.
At the bottom of the main window is the Status bar.
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