Positioning images
Once you have pasted your image into the article, you may want to reposition it. Here are several ways to to it.
Insert spaces or tabs between the left margin and the image
Click just to the left of the left margin of the image and the article cursor will appear as a vertical black line on the left margin of the image. (In Fig. 1 below you can also see the I - shaped mouse cursor; the mouse cursor must have this shape before this method will work.) Insert however many spaces or tabs you need to position your image relative to the left margin.
Fig. 1
Although you can insert text instead of spaces to the left or right of the image, this method is not recommended for centering the image and there are better ways of inserting text without producing the ragged text margins resulting from using this method.
Use paragraph alignment
With the article cursor positioned on the left image margin as in Fig. 1, click the Left (Ctrl+L), Center (Ctrl+E) or Right (Ctrl+R) toolbutton or press the corresponding keyboard shortcut to align the image with the center or right margin of the article.
Fig. 2. Image centrally aligned.
This method is quick and easy if you are only inserting one image. Aligning images centrally not only prevents the article from appearing too "left heavy" but also has the advantage that the image legend (description) can be inserted directly underneath, as in Fig. 2. The disadvantages are that inserting text to the left or right of the image unbalances the effect. This method is unsuitable for inserting more than one image at the same level horizontally. Text alignment is described in detail in Aligning and justifying paragraphs.
Use paragraph indentation
This can be done in one of three ways:
  1. Use the Increase⁄Decrease indentation functions by clicking the appropriate toolbuttons or pressing Ctrl+M ⁄ Shift+Ctrl+M (Fig. 3);
  2. Display the Article ruler and drag its top Indent marker to the desired position (Fig. 4);
  3. Open the Paragraph formatting window and select an appropriate left margin.

Fig. 3. Increase indentation

Fig. 4. Article ruler
Methods 2 and 3 give you more precise control over image positioning but you should note the final positions if planning to repeat this elsewhere.
Note that in Fig. 3 both indent markers move right when increasing indentation. In Fig. 4 you only need to drag the top Indent marker. When using the Paragraph formatting window you may use either the Left or the First Line controls to increase indentation, thus affecting the positions of one or both indent markers.
Use tables to contain images and text
This is by far the best method to use if you wish to display more than one image side by side, or text alongside images with aligned left and right margins, or even with different background colors. Figures 3 and 4 above were positioned using a 2 row, 2 column table. See Tables hints and tips.
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