Password hints
Select your password with care
If you forget or lose your password, your data may be lost.
If you choose *&%6#7, it might be hard to guess, but will you remember it, let alone anyone else?
You need a combination of letters that's complex yet still easy to remember.
One option is to create a meaningless word that's easy to pronounce and easy to type, maybe by altering an existing word slightly, e.g., rufnail.
Another is to create a mnemonic (the initial letters of a phrase, e.g. TGIF for Thank God It's Friday).
Another is to join words together imaginatively, e.g. born2Bgood.
The longer you make your password, within reason, the harder it will be to crack. TreePad requires you to enter at least 6 characters.
Use punctuation,numbers and upper and lower case in your password if possible.
Don't include information that people might be able to guess such as your name, birthdate, number-plate of your car, phone number in reverse, etc.
The more effort you put into being creative, the less likely you are to forget your password.
Plan to change your password regularly by altering a number or letter sequence within it.
Securing your password
If you feel you need to write your passwords down, keep the list in the most secure location possible, never where anyone else might find or steal it.
Alternatively, keep your passwords in an encrypted list accessible with only one password. You might create an encrypted TreePad file for just this purpose.
Never send passwords by e-mail unless you use public key encryption, and then only to someone you can really trust.
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