Tables can be fun! Using the tables menu or tables toolbar you can create and edit tables. Example:

This is cell 1
cell 2 cell 3 cell 4 has been combined with cell 5

Cell 6
7a 7b cell 8 cell 9 cell10
You can also combine and split cells, color cells, color the table, set the table border-width and color, delete and insert table rows and columns. In the above example, cell 4 has been combined with cell 5 creating one bigger cell (using the table toolbar).
Cell 7 has been split into cell 7a and cell 7b.
For another example of the use of tables see Key tables
Working with tables
Changing the table width
Editing text in tables
Adjusting column width and position
Navigating within a table
Moving and copying text from cell to cell
Sorting tables
Moving a column or row
Moving and copying tables
Inserting and deleting rows and columns
Splitting and combining cells
         Horizontal splitting and combining
         Vertical splitting and combining
Selecting rows and columns
Table and cell borders
Table and cell color
Tables hints and tips
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