Some definitions first
Format is a general term meaning the text's appearance and layout. It includes everything from paragraph indentation, bulleting and justification to font characteristics and background color.
Attributes are the individual components of a text's format and comprise:
Font attributes
Font is a term applied only to the text characters and includes:
Font face (also called font name or just font) - the basic font you select, e.g., verdana, Times New Roman, Verdana.
Font size - 8,9,10 (points),etc.
Font style - text accents such as boldface, italics, underlining, strikethrough, superscript, subscript.
Font color should strictly be called text color but will be used here since text color is set by the same TreePad window control that determines font face and size.
Color attributes - font color, highlight color, background color
Case attributes - upper, lower, title and sentence case.
Paragraph attributes - margins, indents, tabs, justification, bulleting, etc.
Text formats in TreePad
In TreePad, an article may be in one of three formats:
Plain text format
Rich text format (RTF)
HTML format
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