Exporting a subtree to one file
To export a subtree to one file
Click Main menu ⁄ File ⁄ Export ⁄ Selected subtree.
In the first screen of the export wizard, choose Export to one file.
In the second screen, you have the option to export the selected subtree to:
When exporting a subtree to TreePad file, all user-defined node icons and any images contained in the subtree articles are also exported to that file. When exporting to a single HTML file, images are exported to separate files linked from the HTML file. Exporting to Rich Text file will result in images being embedded into the Rich Text file itself.
If exporting to any format other than a TreePad file (HTML, Rich Text or Plain text), you have the option of exporting and displaying node titles, articles or both. In addition, if using TreePad Business Edition, you can  Limit export to checked articles and⁄or nodes only by checking the box with this label.
Export to single RTF file
If you wish to export each article to a new page, enable 'Include page break after each article' in the step 'Options for export'.
See Exporting formatting.
See Viewing results when finished.
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