Configure Quick Formatting Styles: the left Pane
Feature unique to TreePad Business Edition
The left pane shows the list of currently available quick formatting styles.
Ordering items
To manually change the position of an item in the list, you can drag-drop the item to a different position using your mouse.
Shortcut keys
You can indirectly assign shortcut keys (effective in TreePad's main screen when the article has focus) to each item by changing its order in the list.
The first item in the list will always have keyboard shortcut ctrl+alt+1, the second ctrl+alt+2, etc. but only if the option 'Enable ctrl-alt (ALTGR) shortcuts for menus' is enabled in the options screen.
Sort button
Sorts the list alphabetically
Delete button
Removes an item from the list.
Add button
Adds a new quick formatting style. You can fill in the details of the formatting style in the right pane
Edit button
Clicking this button will allow you to edit the title of the selected item. You can do this also through F2 or by clicking the selected item (in the list) a second time with your left mouse button.
Enable quick formatting shortcuts
This option is enabled by default. When enabled, the first nine quick formatting styles can be activated by keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+Alt+1 to Ctrl+Alt+9.
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