Icon libraries
As mentioned in How icons are stored:
Icon library commands
Menu⁄Icons⁄Open icon library: This command allows you to choose which icon library file (.tpz) you want loaded into the Icons pane. If you have no other library files than the default file (treepadlib.tpz),  you can use this command to open it for you, although the command Open default icon library below will search for this particular file. The icon library file currently open (displayed in the Icons pane) will be closed and replaced by your new choice.
Menu⁄Icons⁄Open default icon library: Loads the default icon library (treepadlib.tpz) into the Icons pane, closing and replacing the currently open file. Note: if you use this command while the default icon library is already loaded, the message Default icon library is already loaded will be displayed.
Menu⁄Icons⁄Create new icon library: Opens the Save TreePad library window where you can assign a name to your new icon library file. After you have done this, the current icon library file will be closed and replaced by the new file. The Icons pane will be empty apart from the default icon (number 0), and you can begin adding icons to the file using the Add new icons command.
Menu⁄Icons⁄Save current icon library as...: Saves the current icon libary under a different file name. Any changes you make to the icons in the icons pane will be applied to the library with the new file name.
TreePad Icon libraries
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