Full multi-user (client⁄server) database access through TreePad X Enterprise Server
TreePad X Enterprise is a powerful client⁄server, multi-user Organizer, Database, Word Processor, Documentation system, Intranet replacement system and Search Engine. Despite its versatility it is as easy to use as a standard Word Processor. The TreePad TeamWare concept enables all your employees to instantly publish and access documents, images, phone numbers, hyperlinks, etc. without any special training or technical skills. TreePad X Enterprise allows sharing of information through multi-user read⁄write access. Users can be restricted in what information they can see, and what information they are allowed to change or view 'readonly' - on the subtree level and also on the database level.
There is no theoretical limit to the number of users which can share a TreePad database.
Open eight databases simultaneously
TreePad X Enterprise allows you to access up to eight databases simultaneously. You can access each opened database through the corresponding database-slot button on the left. To transfer subtrees directly from one database to another just use the mouse to drag-drop the selected subtree into a database-slot button.
384 Gigabyte database size
TreePad X Enterprise supports databases of up to 384 Gigabytes (128 Gb text, 128 Gb images and 128 Gb binary data) on Windows NT, 2000 and XP but only when all client programs and the server program are running from an NTFS partition. If the server and⁄or some clients are installed on a FAT partition (Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP), the maximum supported database size is 12 Gb (4 Gb text, 4 Gb images, 4 Gb binary data).
For more information, please see the TreePad X Enterprise Server home page on:
A free 30-day evaluation version of TreePad X Enterprise can be requested here:
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