Printing a subtree
To print the currently selected subtree
This will open the Print subtree window1:
Unlike printing an article, printing a subtree is done indirectly, using the print services of an external program (you can choose between your default Web browser, - such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla - and your default RTF program - usually this is WordPad, WordPerfect or Word.
Once the selected subtree is exported to your default browser or RTF program, change to it and select its Menu ⁄ File ⁄ Print function to carry out the printing. You may need to use its Page setup and Print preview functions (if present) to adjust your printer settings to its requirements.
If you wish to print the whole tree, select the Root Node in the Tree pane before you Print subtree.
If you wish to print each article on a new page, enable 'Print each article on a new page' (available only for printing through the RTF program).
Printing a subtree includes printing images as well !
See Printing options for extra options such as print modes and page numbering.
In addition, you can control which articles and nodes are included⁄excluded in the printout. See Printing selected items for more information.
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