Combining articles
Although TreePad does not currently have an inbuilt automatic function to merge articles, here are some workarounds.
Method 1: Use Cut⁄Copy⁄Paste
For each article to be combined, highlight part or all of it then copy or cut it to the Windows Clipboard, open the target article and paste it in. This may be speeded up by bookmarking the target node. If you are using TreePad Business Edition you can drag-and-drop the text in each article to the DraftPad and combine it there.
Method 2: Use Automatic paste
Open the file containing the individual articles to be combined (the source articles) in one instance of TreePad, open another file in a second instance of TreePad and make one of its articles the Automatic paste destination. Return to the file with the source articles, highlight each block in turn and press Ctrl+C to copy it to the destination file, where it will be appended.
Method 3: Export subtree to one file
Collect all nodes with articles to be merged into one subtree. Make sure it contains no other nodes and that the subtree root node (the parent node) is empty and selected. Click Main menu ⁄ File ⁄ Export ⁄ Selected subtree or Tree context menu ⁄ Export subtree and in the TreePad export window choose Export to one file. See Exporting a subtree to one file for details.
You now need to decide whether to select One HTML file, One Rich Text file or One plain text file (.txt). in the TreePad export ⁄ Export subtree to one file screen.
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