Installing or upgrading language packs
A TreePad language pack consists of a single file. This is just a regular text file of which the file-name ends in '.lng'. It contains the translations for the menus, buttons, messages, etc.
TreePad language packs can be downloaded as zip files from⁄language_packs⁄.
After downloading the zip file, you need to unzip it (Freebyte Zip is available for free).
There are two ways of installing (or upgrading) a language pack.
Method 1: default
The 'official' method for installing (or upgrading) a language pack is to use the built-in 'Install or update language pack' dialog.
This dialog can be opened using Menu: View⁄Language⁄Install language pack. It will give you step-by-step instructions on where to download the language pack, and it will copy⁄install the language pack .lng file into the correct location (which is a subdirectory of the Windows 'Application data' folder).
After installing the language pack using this dialog, you can select the new or updated language through Menu: View⁄Language.
You can always switch back to English through Menu: View⁄Language⁄English (default).
Method 2: portable
Manual installation. This method assumes that you have full access to the TreePad program directory. If TreePad resides inside a subdirectory of 'c:\Program files' (Windows Vista and Windows 7), you might need to run the Windows Explorer file manager 'as administrator'.
A step-by-step instruction:
(a) Download the language pack of your choice from⁄language_packs⁄
(b) Extract the .lng file from the zip file which you downloaded (Freebyte Zip is available for free).
(c) Copy the .lng file into the TreePad program directory.
(d) Restart TreePad, and you will notice the installed language as a new menu item under Menu: View⁄language.
(e) Finally, select the new or updated language pack using Menu: View⁄Language.
You can always switch back to English through Menu: View⁄Language⁄English (default).
Portability and language packs
If you run TreePad from a USB drive, then you need to use method 2, manual installation. Only if you copy the language pack into the program's directory (on the USB drive), will it also be available after you plug the USB drive into another computer.
Upgrading your current language pack
Since each new TreePad edition might bring additional menu items, dialogs, screens and buttons, your current language pack will become obsolete at one point. If that is the case, some menu items or dialogs will still display in English even though you loaded a different language through Menu: View⁄Language.
This is because the version of the language pack which you are using does not contain all the translations for the latest menu items, screens and features.
To check the version of the language pack which you have currently installed, click Menu: View⁄language⁄Language pack version.
If a newer version of the language pack is available, you can download it from  http:⁄⁄⁄language_packs⁄ or simply click Menu⁄View⁄Language⁄Install language pack
To upgrade and install a new version of language pack, follow the same procedure as described in the paragraphs Method 1 or Method 2 above.
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