File functions
Startup and shutdown
         Startup options
         Command-line switches
         Shutdown options
Creating a new database
         Creating a new database using a Template
Opening and reopening a file
         Opening a file in a new instance of TreePad
         Instance-specific options
         Specifying the startup file and node
                  Start file (example)
         Saving the tree state
Closing files
Backup and saving
         Manual saving
         Safety copy
         Save as (new name)
         Manually backup to a numbered file
         Save when closing file
         Saving a subtree
         Other saving techniques
TreePad database and file types
         TreePad database types
         Maximum database size
         Database repair and optimize
         Database conversion
         Associating TreePad files with TreePad
         Read-only TreePad files
File, disk and directory catalogs
         Example CD-Rom catalog
File conversion utilities*
File encryption*
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