Shared readonly access through TreePad Viewer
TreePad databases can be accessed by multiple users on a network through TreePad Viewer. Each user on the network can have TreePad Viewer installed allowing shared readonly access to TreePad databases.
How to share a TreePad database on your corporate network
After you have created⁄modified the database with TreePad PLUS, SAFE or Business Edition, you need copy this database to a shared folder on a network drive. Thus the TreePad database can be accessed "readonly" by the other users on your network through the freeware reader program TreePad Viewer, which can be found on⁄treepadviewer⁄.
Please note that regular TreePad editions1 do not directly allow full read⁄write access to a shared TreePad database. Also, any database or file, while being open in such a TreePad edition1 can not be opened in TreePad Viewer. This means, that to publish your TreePad database on a network for shared access, you need to create a separate public copy of each TreePad database accessible by others on your network. This public copy can be accessed only in readonly mode through TreePad Viewer by others.
Then when you need to make a change to the database, you need to open the private (non-shared) copy of your database. After you have finished editing the private version of the database, publish your updated database by copying the private version over the public version.
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1.  With regular TreePad editions here is meant: TreePad Lite, TreePad PLUS, TreePad SAFE and TreePad Business Edition
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