TreePad Clipboard and security
As the TreePad Clipboard is really a special form of ASCII text file and not encrypted binary code, you can read it with a text editor - and so can anyone and anything else including malicious spyware. Once you have made the first Copy or Cut in TreePad, the TreePad Clipboard files will be created, and remain in C:\Windows\TEMP.
You can order TreePad to delete the clipboard on shutdown. See also Shutdown options.
File encryption and the TreePad Clipboard
(TreePad Safe and TreePad Business Edition only)
Even though you have encrypted a TreePad file, it is decrypted while you are working on it, so any nodes or subtrees from it saved to the TreePad Clipboard are unencrypted. Images in .tpz files including clipboard.tpz are currently unencrypted.
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