Borders and shading window controls
To open the Borders and shading window click Main menu ⁄ Format ⁄ Borders....
Border controls
Dotted: Creates a dotted border.
Double: Creates a double border.
Width: Thickness of border line in points (pt)
Space: Gap between text and border in points (pt)
Color: Drop-down list of 16 color values
Percentage: Color intensity; the lower the number, the paler the color.
This section contains 5 square buttons that can be clicked. Select any or all to determine how many sides of the border will be visible. If you click the button with all 4 sides, the other buttons will be depressed.
Next to each button is a small color strip which is also a button. Clicking it will display a small color palette enabling you to choose a separate color for each border.
This section also contains a test panel where you can preview the final result by clicking Draw Box.
Other buttons
The Update button updates your actual border while keeping the Lines window open to allow further changes.
The OK button updates your actual border and closes the Borders and shading window.
The Cancel button closes the Borders and shading window without updating your actual border.
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