Password file encryption
This feature is unique to TreePad SAFE and TreePad Business Edition
TreePad offers powerful encryption to protect your valuable data files. You can encrypt just those files you wish to keep private, and since each encrypted file needs its own password, you can determine who will be able to read which files.
TreePad Business Edition and TreePad SAFE utilize 256 bit encryption using the acclaimed TwoFish algorithm.Twofish is a state-of-the-art encryption method developed by the team of Bruce Schneier, world renowned cryptographer and author of the famous Blowfish algorithm.
TwoFish is designed for utmost safety, speed and flexibility, and its level of encryption is several orders of magnitude stronger than what is produced by older algorithms, such as Blowfish or DES (Digital Encryption Standard). ,
Once you have opened an encrypted file, you may change the password at any time and even unprotect the file if you wish. Keep a copy of the password in a secure place, since the file cannot be repaired or unprotected if you lose the password!
Opening an encrypted file takes a little longer than an unprotected file.
Once you have opened an encrypted file, you may edit it.
The safest way to learn to use file encryption is to practise on a test file. Even when you are confident about using it, you should consider keeping an unencrypted version in a safe place.
Setting, changing and removing passwords can only be done after TreePad has opened the file.
Setting, changing and removing passwords
Password hints and tips
Encryption considerations
Encryption limitations
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