Creating a new database
To create a new file, click Main menu ⁄ File ⁄ New ⁄ TreePad database or press Ctrl+N. Before the file is created, you will need to decide its name and location.
TreePad will ask you this in the "Save NEW TreePad file as..." dialog window before it creates the file.
By default, TreePad creates a database of type .tpd when you click menu⁄file⁄new⁄TreePad database.
You can also create other types of TreePad databases. To do this, please click menu⁄file⁄new⁄other. For information on the available database types which are supported by TreePad, please see TreePad database types
It is also possible to create a TreePad database using a pre-defined template.
Details: Creating a new database using a Template
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