Manually backup to a numbered file
Click Main menu ⁄ File ⁄ Backup to to backup to a progressively numbered file.
For example, if you have named your current file mywork.tpd, the first numbered backup will be mywork.000.tpd, followed by mywork.001.tpd, etc.
In Main menu ⁄ View ⁄ Options ⁄ Backups - option 'Backup (manual)' you have the option to limit the number of numbered backups created, to conserve space on your hard drive. E.g., if you set "Maximum count of numbered backups" to 10, the next backup after mywork.009 will be mywork.000, overwriting the original backup with that filename. Setting this value to 0 (default) means that there is no limit to the number of numbered backup files created.

  1. After each progressive backup you will continue working on your original file. Use Backup to when you need to keep earlier versions of your file.
  2. If you are using TreePad SAFE or TreePad BIZ,  you will be asked whether you want the backup file to be password protected each time you backup using this method.
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