Storing TreePad settings in an ini file
You can make TreePad store its settings in an ini file (instead of the Windows registry) by using the TreePad settings screen, category: 'TreePad⁄settings'. The ini file, once it has been created by TreePad, resides in the same directory as the program.
Moreover, upon program startup, when TreePad detects that an ini file is present in its program directory it will ignore the registry and load⁄store settings exclusively from⁄to the ini file. This can be useful when running TreePad from external (USB) disk.
If the 'ini file' option is enabled in the settings screen, a secondary option 'Delete settings from Registry' will be visible. You can use this secondary option to remove TreePad's settings from the registry. This option is disabled by default. Please note that if this option is enabled, then each time TreePad stores its settings into the ini file, it also looks at the registry and if neccessary any settings will be removed from the registry. Enable this option only at the moment of switching to ini-file based storage, and disable this option once the ini file has been created and is present in the TreePad program directory (to prevent unnecessary access to the Windows registry).
Like with any file containing information, it is recommended to make backups of the .ini file containing TreePad's settings, especially if you have made a lot of adjustments.
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