Paragraph borders within tables
It is possible to create a border box within a table cell, though not the other way around. Although somewhat unconventional, this device enables you to:
To simply fill a table cell with a color, click in the table cell to set focus, then open the Lines window, select the color and then click OK. Leave Width and Space at 0 pts each, and do not show any border lines.
  Text here  
Hiding the empty cells will give you a simple border, using table cell borders rather than paragraph border lines:
  Text here  
You may increase Space to make the final result look less like a table cell:
  Text here  
However, if you try increasing Width, the table will mask the left paragraph border resulting in an unfinished appearance:
  Text here  
This will not be noticeable if you show the right border of the table cell to its left, as long as the remaining paragraph borders are not too thick:
  Text here  
However, this is not a problem at all if the leftmost table cell is chosen instead, and its right (table cell) border is made visible:
Text here   Use the space on the right for normal article text
and keep the box on the left as a sidebar.
To create a paragraph border containing multiple individual lines of text, create a table cell to hold the lines, then fill with a border color:
  This link will take you to Freebyte!
As this method is not fully supported and results may be unstable, you should always test that the final appearance is saved correctly by focusing on another node and then returning to the original one.

Handy hint: You can fill a whole table row or column at a time with color by clicking Select table row or Select table column to highlight the row or column, then selecting Main menu ⁄ Format ⁄ Borders.... See Feature chart for an example of this. Notice that the upper and lower colored cell borders were slightly thickened by clicking the top Borders button in the Borders and shading window.
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