Inserting TreeBook forms
(Feature unique to TreePad Business Edition)
To learn how to use TreeBook templates and forms, start by creating a basic TreePad file consisting of just one Root node. Let's name it Test.tpd.

Fig. 1
We now add a TreeBook form using the Simple addressbook template file. Using either Main menu ⁄ Tree ⁄  or  Tree context menu ⁄ , select Insert special ⁄ Individual node ⁄ Simple addressbook ⁄ Insert as child4,5.

Fig. 2

Click OK to insert it. The newly created node should have the default title Node: Simple addressbook. Rename it to SMITH, John.

Fig. 3

Now you are ready to fill in some data on John Smith by clicking the appropriate fields and typing in the details. See Editing TreeBook forms for details.

Fig. 4
You could repeat this sequence to insert as many blank child TreeBook forms as desired, but this requires you to return to the Root node each time. Once the first child node has been created, you can use this as a starting point to create a sibling form, then without needing to move focus, use that for another sibling form, etc. Returning to the Insert special window, select Insert as sibling for the next form. Insert and rename the node as above. Return to the Insert special window to add a third node. You will not have to change anything, since TreePad remembers your previous selection to save you time!  Finally sort the subtree and your first addressbook will be in sorted order.
Fig. 5

  1. Since forms are inserted into the tree and not the article, the command is located in the Tree menu, not the Insert menu.
  2. As you progress through this section you will discover alternative, faster ways to create new blank forms (see Forms and templates shortcuts).
  3. If you simply wish to insert a blank standard article, you can perform this from within the Insert special menu by double-clicking Blank (empty text article).
  4. Remember you cannot create a sibling of the Root node!
  5. The Insert special menu item is unique to TreePad Business Edition.

Handy hint: Double-clicking on any of the templates displayed in the Available templates (.tpt files) list will automatically close the window and insert the form without requiring you to click OK.
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