Auto Indent
Auto Indent offers a quick and easy way to set indentation on a line-by-line basis and as such is ideal for programmers who need to indent lines for improved legibility.
E.g. in HTML:
         <table> (indented to show that it belongs to <body>)
                 <tr> (indented to show that it belongs to <table>)
                                 This is a table cell
                                 This is the second line in the table cell,
                                 same indentation level as the first line
         <⁄table> (table close tag, belongs to the same level as table open tab)
<⁄body> (end of document, indentation level 0)
When ready to apply Auto Indent:
  1. Press Enter to create a new line;
  2. Press the Tab key as many times as needed to indent the line to the desired depth;
  3. Type the line;
  4. Click Main menu ⁄ Format ⁄ Auto Indent or press F6 to turn this feature on;
  5. Press Enter to commence a new line. The new line will commence at the same number of tab stops as the previous line.
When Auto Indent is on, the "Insert" and "Overwrite" flags on the Status bar change to "Ins AuIn" and "Over AuIn" respectively (Auto Indent).

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