TreePad X Diagnostics program
In case you experience complications while setting up a connection between TreePad X Client the database server, the TPX Diagnostics program can help trace the cause of the problem.
The TPX Diagnostics tool can be started
(1) by clicking menu⁄tools⁄TPX diagnostics tool in TreePad X Client or
(2) by double-clicking on tpxdiag.exe, which resides in the same directory as the TreePad X Client program
The diagnostics program presents a convenient wizard-type user-interface, guiding you through each step of the diagnostics process.
Step 1: TPX Client settings
Step 2: Ping remote computer
Step 3: Test TPX connection
Step 4: Test TPX server login
Step 5: Test TPX database login
Step 6: Test TPX database access
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